The women’s grand rising collective is a matriarchal, grassroots movement devoted to activating the sovereign creator/healer within us all 

WGRC, facilitates community, unity and holistic healing with the practices of radical self love, peer support, the healing arts (breathwork, dance, visual art, singing,meditation), ritual and prayer. 

We believe in sovereignty, which is honouring our own power over our life, and allowing others to right to do the same. This is a place where, like in circle, we put no one above or below us. 

Supporting our work opens the doors to future sacred and ancient ceremonies and allows us to host guest speakers, make our workshops and private sessions more accessible and enables us to offer free sessions to those who are in need of support. 

All Donations will be used in the highest honour to the collective to bring awareness to your Divine Potential.

To Donate, send an EMT to – make the password “Canada” and make sure you reach out to let us know you’ve donated so we can send you a blessing!