“Self Mastery is the mission, the ability and the gift. To know thyself is to know Spirit in the most intimate of ways. We are the Holy Expression in Divine Human incarnation”

Though it has never appealed to me to use titles or descriptive words… it has been brought to my attention that titles assist others in relating and resonating to learn and understand.. Let us glide through them together.

Through this life and countless others, my skills have been built on the experiences of my free will.

Soul Teacher and Story Teller – Constantly realigning in the Divines mission to allow oneself to remain Sovereign and Open, with gentle redirection and conscious, mindful support. “Tending Natures Garden” My work has predominantly been with children and youth, as I have been working with Children for 18 years in this life in many practices. The practices include Shamanic parenting, Waldorf structured education, animal therapy,  First years development and wellness. Holding the wisdom of those before me in celebration for our liberation. Our inner child is deserving of our time and attention. It all started from birth, after all.
This work has allowed me to work with many young, wise Souls. Reminding me of our true nature, ability and Divinity. We are the children that were told we couldn’t, when we should have been told, why not? By word of mouth, the Story Teller lives deep in all of us, waiting to be witnessed.

Sovereign Universal Wayshower “Oracle” – Listen, and you will hear the universe speak. I allow for the Divine teachings to flow through to redirect, remind, observe and challenge my experiences daily. Be open to the game at play and you will experience all that is meant for you. Communicating from this space allows me to be open to the Truth message being spoken by others, when they may not be able to Feel it for themselves. I see you, I see your highest potential, blending timelines and incarnations to see you, fully. Through ‘Life Coaching’ sessions, holding space and witnessing a human being in their Raw, untethered being is our ability. I Honour holding space for others to find peace and heal in their own self realizations.

Sacred Temple Energy Healer- Intuitive and Channeled body work to unlock and release stuck trauma through the energy centers and beyond. We’ve all experienced trauma, and it has always been in me to sense and speak to the body’s vibrations in the mode of healing, attunement and alignment. I can provide you with the tools for your own self mastery of healing through your own sacred touch, as well as conducting my own energy into the body to heal. In this practice I may use Stones and Crystals, Sound and Vibration, Massage, Tapping and sacred oils.

Sound Healing– Your Vishuddi (Throat Chakra) is a space that must be tended to hold a sense of sovereignty and peace. I channel through song, chanting and tonal sound healing. All of which is offered Publicly or Privately, in sacred circle and gatherings. This practice can be paired with Energy Work, Birth Blessings and ceremony, Guided Meditation and Sacred plant Rituals.

Radical Birth Keeper- “You are here for this experience. You are a portal of divine intention and ability. Your Roar will shift mountains.” I am here at the service of Women entering the Birth Portal. To remind that you are gifted the divine ability of child birth. Only you carry this gift of bringing souls from one plane to another. I am here to empower, encourage YOUR voice and remind you of your sovereignty in one of the most intimate of experiences you will have in this life. It is in my ability to provide amble resources, create a safe, sacred space for you, bare witness to your empowerment and emergence, hold birth blessings, and build a 40 day emergence portal PP where you thrive after birth with a village, sacred, undisturbed, honoured, for 40 days. *I am not a medical professional* From my own experience and my knowing that You Can.

Herbalist and Shamanic Plant Guide- Natures song is one of my favorite tunes. Plants speaker if you listen. Intuitive Alchemist providing high grade medicines from all forms of plant life. Spiritual, medicinal, harmonious, and every day Joyous. You can find my work through “The Golden Dragon Apothecary” Owned and operated by Reign Love.

Mother, Partner, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Divine, Human, Laura.


It is truly a remarkable time to be walking this earth with you. You are such a gift. I hold such deep gratitude and honor to be able to share myself with you, a seeker of truth, ready of healing and already attuning yourself to your highest alignment. May your curious mind and open heart receive all that you need in this space, and that you move forward with a sense of deep peace and ease- knowing you are truly not alone in this walk here on earth, now and always. There are no mistakes, just a varying array of doors in which we must open to align us with our highest truth, fullest potential, and wisest of lessons.

** Let it be known that I love and accept everything that happened during my life past, present and future. I choose to radically accept and appreciate the full journey for what it is. Life is your personalized painted picture.
Mastering yourself is also the divine partnership of loving all those who make up your experiences. We can not change anything but we can choose who we become. Free Will.
These words are to provide resonance with you. All is Divine. All is perfect. For exactly what it is.

May you find this peace in your own journey. And what a journey it is.

Divine Love