You are safe to feel. To express. To ponder. To wonder. To Be.

For all of our gatherings, circles and classes, we offer you guidance that will best prepare you for all our offered experiences..

– Eating clean and no meat / dairy / alcohol for at least two days before and two days after. This allows for a deeper integration of experience. 

-The day of, if possible, reduce caffeine consumption (Allows you be in your natural state)
In Ceremony: Cacao is high in caffeine and it will reduce risk of headache

– Bring a container with spring water, or bring an empty container and fill it with spring water we have available.
In Ceremony: The water will be blessed and you can take it home with you. 

In Ceremony: If you have any instruments that you wanted to play, please feel free to also bring those

In Ceremony: If you have any gemstones that you use at home or on your altar, you may also bring those to put in the altar we are building and then take them home with you so that they too will be blessed

– There will be some blankets and pillows. If you have a treasured blanket or pillow feel to bring those. For this is all about comfort in every experience.

In Ceremony: There will be light refreshments at the end of the ceremony. Fruit and gluten free.
There will be foraged herbal teas offered in all experiences. If you want to bring anything besides that you can.

*It is important to note that adjustments will be made on any ceremony and experience for those that request an adjustment. If you are pregnant and breastfeeding, taking medication, has a history of addiction or substance abuse. *
Please let us know of any sensitivities, allergies, and personal cautions. At that time we will work together to create the safest, most beneficial experience for you, where you are. No one is on the same journey and it is our duty to keep you in your safest environment possible.

All practitioners are equipped to assist you during your darkest night of the Soul and Light of the Soul for self realization.

All practitioners at Women’s Grand Rising Collective are legally cleared of any and all liabilities before, during and after your experience with us. A liability, disclosure and release waiver will be filled out and kept on file for a 7 year duration.

Why Gather?

We are not meant to travel this journey alone. We are all sacred. We are all born with sacred earth medicine to heal ourselves. Gathering is not only our right, it is also our responsibility that is built and cared for through cultural and spiritual interaction with the land. 

As women we are meant to heal together. Men cannot heal us. Although they may honour us and offer us love and support, our intuition, the spirit of our womb, already holds all the answers we seek.  

In circle we are all equal. In circle we are safe and seen and heard. In circle we are blessed with stories and the powerful collective energy that holds us during our transformation. For we are a collective; we are connected and when men and women gather with the desire to heal and activate their sovereign creator selves, they direct the frequency of this sacred earth and the entire universe towards harmony and magick equanimity.

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